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Mimbre Flamenco

Mimbre Flamenco

Mimbre Flamenco

Juan de Marias and Mimbre Flamenco

Flamenco is a great entertainment option for any event where you wish to add excitement and passion.  Flamenco creates an unforgettable impression with its vivacious energy, dazzling footwork and musical virtuosity.

Juan de Marias, one of Vancouver's most respected, versatile and authentic Flamenco artists, leads the group Mimbre Flamenco, offering choices of entertainment from a single romantic / classical / Spanish guitar for ambiance, to spectacular music, song and dance Flamenco shows.

Working with some of the best dancers, singers, percussionists, and instrumentalists, Juan de Marias group sizes can be varied to accommodate a wide range of different venues and budgets.

Spanish, Latin-American, Classical ...

Juan de Marias music is not limited to flamenco. Juan works with many other musicians on a wide variety of styles to suit any occasion and taste ranging from modern and classical spanish music, Latin-America folklore, jazz and classical guitar duets.

Visit our music page to listen to some music samples

Available for:

  • Weddings
  • House parties
  • Corporate events
  • Conventions
  • Festivals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels



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