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GUITAR LESSONS       Sorry, there are no spots available at this time

I offer private and group flamenco guitar classes.
Classes are for all levels from beginner to advanced and for anyone wishing to learn or broaden their knowledge of flamenco guitar.   A minimum of one year experience in guitar (any style) is reccommended.

My classes have three main components:

1.- Technique

A solid basis of fundamental techniques will be emphasized: The various forms of Rasgueo, Picado, Arpeggios, Alzapúa, Apoyando (rest stroke) vs. Tirando (free stroke), Golpe, etc. I give lots of exercises to develop a solid technique.

2.- Compas (beat, rhythm)
Compas is the essence of Flamenco.  It doesn't matter how fancy or complicated the music is, Flamenco is not flamenco if is out of compas.
The fundamental rhythmic forms of Flamenco or Toques will be explored: Soleares, Tangos, Sevillanas, Alegrías, etc each with its particular 'compas' or combination of time signature and accents which define their character or flavor. We will practice with clapping or 'palmas' to get a good understanding of the rhythm patterns.

3.- Chord progressions and Falsetas (solo routines)
You will learn the chord progressions and scales characteristic of each toque as well as solo variations or 'falsetas'.

No knowledge of music notation is necessary as I use TablatureTablature, a more practical approach to writing flamenco music. Lessons are usually 1hr and 15min once a week .  

If you would like to learn Flamenco Guitar with me,  drop me a line or call me.

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